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3Doodler, 3D pen

It all started with her. This is the first 3D pen in the world - 3Doodler, USA. True, Chinese manufacturers immediately released their versions, but this is a classic, the beginning of a new milestone in drawing.

The WobbleWorks company raised funds for its development on the Kickstarter crowdfunding service. The project was supported by almost 30 thousand people, the amount collected is huge - more than two million dollars.

The 3Doodler pen is already on sale in Russia and is suitable for both left-handers and right-handers. There are also plastics for her.

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Drawing in 3D with the 3Doodler pen

To thread the pen, use ABS or PLA filament (the same as

for use in 3D printers, this is very convenient, you do not need to look for something special).

We draw with plastic in 3D.

The pen comes with a set of 25 ABS or PLA filaments in different colors.

This pen has two temperature settings - for ABS plastic and for PLA plastic. These plastics have different melting points.

PLA is an environmentally friendly bioplastic that is odorless. When melted-drawing, ABS has a slight smell of plastic, but this alloy has better technical characteristics, it is more durable.

The power cord is 2 meters long.

Heating time is only 1-2 minutes, you can draw almost immediately. The recommended non-stop work time is 2 hours. Then it is advisable to give the handle "rest" for about half an hour.

There are two modes of plastic feeding - fast and slow.

At a slow speed (plastic is fed slowly), you can carefully work out the details of your creation without rushing, and at high speed, you can quickly fill a large area with plastic.

You can start drawing when the blue indicator for ABS lights up (green for PLA).

Each speed has its own button.

You can start drawing when the blue indicator on the pen body lights up for ABS and green for PLA plastic.

By pressing two buttons at the same time, the thread can be removed from the handle (at the end of work or in order to change the color).

Handle diameter 35-60 mm, weight about 200 g.

For the 3Doodler 3D pen, a stand, a pedal for operating the handle with feet and a set of nozzles with holes of different shapes are separately produced.

Other examples of plastic colors are below in the gallery under the article.

If you are going to create something complex, you can first draw the individual elements of the large creation, flat, and then connect them all together, fusing with additional plastic, tracing the creation along a 3D contour. You can print a template for the assembly of any architectural structure, for example the Eiffel Tower, draw around the lines with a 3D pen, there will be several parts, and then glue all the parts using a 3D pen.

What can be drawn with a 3Doodler pen, examples of models (see slideshow, 12 models) :

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