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After the coronavirus : we remembered the value of classic toys

At the moment, the world has turned upside down. It's an interesting time, albeit a difficult one. New security measures, new habits in everything. Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the way we live. And the toys that we have in our homes.

After the pandemic ... what has changed in our minds? We started to believe in the power of traditional toys again. It turned out that kindergartens, schools and child development centers can sometimes be closed , and we ourselves have to be alone with curious and restless children. It looks like the situation the entire world is facing in 2020 will have a long-term impact on the consumer mind. Now that parents have seen firsthand the virtues of traditional play, families can be expected to invest more in books, board games, and toys that children play with.

Faced with self-isolation, many have realized that there is almost nothing in the home that can develop a child and hold his attention. And now we are filling these gaps, to the best of our ability .

Today we began to recall hobbies for wooden toys, traditional and retro children's toys, including classic pedal cars, construction sets, shopping, doctors and mothers-daughters. Even an ordinary deck of cards suddenly became interesting again . We realized how important communication is for all of us.

Better quiet

When we close at home, it is better that toys do not require batteries and do not drive you crazy with loud sounds and flashing lights. Children already spend a lot of time at the screens, and it is better if the toys around them show them something else - not an interactive world where everything happens at the touch of a button, but a world in which you can fantasize .

Strong durable toys

We also believe in sustainability. With a wooden or sturdy metal toy that can be passed down through generations, you don't have a conscience: you don't have to throw it away. It is not only about caring for the planet, but also many memories for years to come.

Fun and learning

Self-isolation highlighted the importance of involving children in play, and we realized the huge role playful learning plays in children's development. Traditional toys are more important here than ever. In conditions of limited communication, children should not be isolated: they should be able to play, and the game should be simple and fun at the same time.

Parents are looking for something that will not only entertain but also inspire children to learn both indoors and outdoors. Playhouses, gurneys, bicycles, scooters, and gardening tools have gained immense popularity the moment we can finally get out of the house again .

Outdoor play

Outdoor play is incredibly important for young children. These are hours of fun and entertainment with health and development benefits. It is noteworthy that garden toys (watering cans, growing kits, etc.) were especially in demand this year - we all really wanted to finally get out of the house.

Once in the air, children immediately come up with stories and all their creative skills. This improves their emotional and psychological abilities.

Puzzles, board games, cash registers of letters and numbers, game figures and constructors, as well as kits for creativity turned out to be very important for the room. Toys that are associated with social interaction , such as play stores , have proven indispensable . During isolation, the child can play with his parents or even himself, involving his dolls and teddy bears in the game.

It's also nice to see old classics among the hits - toy farms, doll houses, parking lots. With the involvement of figures of animals, cars, children can really come up with their own game : pretend that they run a farm or a zoo, own a car store.

We hope that the revival of traditional toys will continue. They continue to inspire and teach. The generations of children who have grown up on them cannot be wrong . As great as modern interactive games are, traditional games are irreplaceable .

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