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BEANS & TUMTUM by Tegu, magnetic wooden toys for the little ones

For some time now, wooden toys have been experiencing a renaissance in children's rooms. But Tegu BEANS & TUMTUM are magnetic wooden sets that compare favorably with the mass of similar toys due to the combination of traditional and modern technologies. A classic wooden toy, but only with magnets, so the sticks stick together.

This toy is the winner in the Baby & Infant age category (0-3 years), The ToyAward 2017. Gold award, 1st place.

The sets are beautiful blocks, so expressive, with hilarious magnetic tiles and funny facial expressions that can be connected thanks to magnets - it's so easy that even toddlers can actually quickly celebrate their first successes in the construction world. 

The clear, sophisticated design and high quality materials also impressed the jury, which awarded BEANS & TUMTUM Magnetic Wooden Block Set first place in the category of best toys for children and babies.

In Russia, these kits are not presented, but we recommend that magna tiles you pay attention to the kits from Derevyashkino.

The company also produces classic wooden blocks, cubes and dies, with magnets.

Building outside the traditional constraints of gravity is incredibly liberating; now you can build easily and easily ! Also, working with magnet polarity on the fly is fun; it develops critical thinking and cognitive abilities.

The magnets are hidden inside wooden toys and are therefore not visible or accessible. With thoughtful design and high quality Daegu, these magnetic tiles toys are real winners . Safety, quality and reliability are paramount at Daegu. These toys boast a patented, durable hardwood construction that holds magna tiles the magnets inside. The manufacturer controls the process from start to finish.

Handmade wooden toys, which these blocks are, will always cost more than molded plastic parts. Daegu Magnetic Wood Blocks offer a unique magna tiles blend of quality and craftsmanship, luxurious materials, play for years to come. These toys are worth paying for.

Cubes, being a toy for young magn

a tiles children, are usually played by magnetic tiles much older children. This toy is really for years to come.

The original basic set consists of 20 bricks, 16 long planks, 10 short planks and 6 planks: that's all you need to build your own small town.

How are the parts of the Tegu magnetic wooden blocks arranged?

See details and layout of magnets inside:

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