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Botley's coding learning robot turns kids into wizards!

The Botley the Coding Robot playset from Learning Resources keeps kids in tune with the fast-paced world of technology, because that's where kids know they can control it!

The adorable little android robot gives kids from 5 years old the opportunity to learn the basics of coding without using a screen (which is important). The 77-piece set allows kids to create obstacles and challenges for Botlee, such as moving colorful pieces and overcoming obstacles. 

Learn to program without a screen!

A funny big-eyed bot rolls on the floor or included puzzle tiles, following your remotely transmitted commands and directions (when you select the "encoding" setting).

In coding mode, children can learn the basics of If / Then programming, especially when Object Detection is enabled. Botley can "see" objects using a sensor between his eyes and stops to avoid bumping into them.

Children can also equip Botli with robot arms and program it to carry various objects (cubes, cones and balls, also included).

For even more fun, Botley can ride in "line" mode, following the winding lines on the back of the tile, using the bottom gauge, or even tracing the lines you drew with black marker on paper.

The guide also lists some other code sequences so you can program it to do secret tricks and learn its hidden functions. This allows the robot to grow with your child as his / her coding skills expand.

Botley also helps children develop motor skills, including hand-eye coordination, balance, dexterity, physical activity, and even prepares them for school subjects, including mathematics, while providing an understanding of logic, language and engineering in general. Kids will have fun developing their own robot codes and obstacles. The encoding cards included will come in handy for helping them remember the codes.

Although Botley comes with one remote, it can be programmed with a friend / parent / sibling. For example, one player might create obstacles, and another develop code to get around them all, which encourages even more creative programming.

In this way, Botley is able to teach children the necessary skills for the modern age, while remaining an easy, fun and modern toy


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