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Cutetitos Fruititos (Series 4): More cute and flavorful stuffed toys!

Meet the novelty of 2020 - a fruit series of soft surprise toys in cakes!

Kyutitos - Burrito-wrapped plush animals from Basic Fun. Their little family (or " ito family ") has just grown in size and taste with the introduction of the Cutetotos Fruititos, fruity versions of adorable animals designed for children ages 3 and up.

The little friends in the fourth episode of Cutetitos are as adorable as ever. They are now wrapped in one of four bright and colorful fruit wrappers: watermelon, kiwi, orange or pitaya.

Scented soft toy wrappers also have realistic fruity scents!

Each Fruitito resembles a unique, brightly colored animal that is soft to the touch. Some even feature hilarious fruit patterns and colorful images of their favorite fruits.

Previous Cutetitos have pepper embroidery to indicate their personal level of spice, but Fruitotos don't have peppers, but fruit markings that let you know if your plush personality is fruity, berry-fruity, extra-fruity, or super-fruity.

Frutitos includes new animals - Crabito, Lemurito and Beeito (crab, lemur and bee).

Each character includes a collectible card that tells the fruit facts about your new pet. View, birthday, name (Melonito, Sherbetito) - everything is very cute! Super rare heroes include Cerrito, Goldito and Hutito.

With every Fruitito you get a charming, charming and aromatic soft companion.

The fourth series includes 12 Fruititos toys.

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