DJ Trollex Party Mixer

A party like techno trolls? Easy! All you need is a DJ Trollex Party Mixer!

With the eKids DJ Trollex Party Mixer, children from the age of 3 can start a party and mix their own music like real DJs.

The mixer is inspired by the new Trolls World Tour movie, namely the first five minutes: at this time, King Trollex, the leader of the techno-trolls, is playing the version of “One More Time” for the dance party.

Although this toy has a simple concept ( push buttons, make music ), there are many ways to create and configure music tracks. Six FX buttons can be used in three different modes: Rhythm (beats and melodies), SFX (sound effects) and Speech (phrases from the characters of the cartoon Trolls). Sounds and melodies can be layered on top of each other, you can adjust their volume and speed using the sliders. You can even turn on the beat with the button in the form of a funny "fish" character, just like DJ Trollex in the movie!

The mixer also has a working microphone that amplifies voices when you press the microphone button, and a turntable that makes characteristic sounds of the recording when you rotate it.

With all these features, children of different ages will be able to interact with the toy in different ways. The younger ones will rejoice by simply pressing the buttons randomly, causing funny sounds and melodies. Older children will be able to devote more time to creating their tracks, they will be able to experiment and learn, ultimately creating new harmonious melodies with different effects.

You can record your creations (up to one minute of time). Press and hold the record button until you hear a beep; play what you want, and then press the button again to stop recording. However, it is important to note that a toy can only store one entry . If children create something that they really want to keep as a memory, it is better to record the playback on a phone or other device.

In addition to all these sound options, there are also light ones : flashing rainbow lights of the mixer and fun graphics in the form of trolls add joy, instantly creating the mood of the party.

Despite the fact that this toy has a volume control function, it is designed more as an element of experimentation for children, and not as a means for quiet games. This is definitely a toy made for an active, noisy and fun entertaining game. Indispensable at a party.

Parents may need to explain to the child the exact mechanics of the functions of this device, but it will be interesting to everyone!

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