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Fisher-Price® Science Puppy Medical Kit

Play and evolve with the Fisher Price Scientist Puppy Medical Kit .

Examining his Puppy friend, your little one will be able to remember body parts, colors, English words, learn about a healthy lifestyle and much more. This set is good for studying any kind of mammals - be it man, dog or cat. Fisher-Price has Smart stages technology, so the kit can grow with the child.

The Puppy from Fisher Price has 8 game elements: the program contains more than 60 songs, sounds, melodies and phrases.

An interactive first aid kit will help your little doctor develop imagination and creativity.

The child gladly gets used to the role of a doctor and learns the world in the process of playing. Having become familiar with all the medical supplies, the child will be less nervous when meeting a real doctor. 

The set includes 4 removable medical instruments: an otoscope, bandages, a thermometer and a syringe, which can be easily folded for storage.

In addition, the toy grows with the child thanks to the three stages of Smart Stages, because the content of the lessons becomes more difficult as the child grows up!

With a carrying handle and parts that snap into place for easy storage, it's a good toy for the long haul.

Each button and named body part has one to three different sayings / sounds / songs in each of the three modes. It is better to start at the first level because it names every part of the body, instrument and its use. At the second level, children use their knowledge of the studied body parts, ask questions and share possible uses of body parts (smell - nose, hug - hands). The third level is mainly songs that have an educational component. 

If the child does not play with the toy for a while, it automatically turns off, but turns on again by simply pressing any button or part of the body.

A fun set that little kids will love. This toy is especially relevant before visiting a doctor.

It is a fun educational toy, durable and safe.

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