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Frozen 2: all the latest dolls and toys from Hasbro

In 2019, we are all looking forward to the month of November. Why exactly November, because this month is neither warm, nor good weather, nor any bright holidays? But you probably know and understand: we are waiting for the release of the second part of the film Frozen!

And here we are looking at the dolls and toys that Hasbro has prepared for us!

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In Disney Frozen II, the royal sisters Anna and Elsa embark on an adventure far beyond the kingdom of Arundale. Of course, they are accompanied by our favorite characters - Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. Elsa's strength grows stronger as she discovers her new abilities, and she and her friends seek out the source of her strength.

The outfits of the characters are sure to inspire many children, because they are quite different from the first film, so the new Disney Frozen dolls will undoubtedly be in great demand.

In one article it is impossible to consider all the new items at once (Hasbro really has a lot of them), but we will look at the most impressive ones . So let's go!

Ultimate Arendelle Castle

The castle is 1.5 meters high for $ 200. It is expected to become one of the most popular toys for the 2020 New Years holiday. It is the only Frozen 2 castle to be presented on the market this New Year's season.

The new Castle Frozen 2 has seven rooms , including a throne room with a retractable carpet, a music room, a kitchen and 14 accessories :

Olaf has his own little tower at the top:

Textures differ from room to room: the designers put a lot of effort into this palace.

The moving balcony, which runs between four floors, has a button that launches a colorful 30-second show of purple, green and blue lanterns that reflect on the castle wall. This is an amazing doll castle that will bring magic and magic to your home.

Dolls are not included in the set.

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