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Game set Pet Club Parade "Post Office"

Game set Pet Club Parade "Post Office", see a detailed photo review in this article.

A colorful play set with an interactive and exclusive bulldog puppy . This dog is not sold in separate packages, it only comes with this postage set.

All contents of the set Post

Office Pet Club Parade.

This play set is relatively small, much more compact than the Animal Show . But also at a price - much cheaper. And playing with such a set is fun!

Teach your puppy to get mail and newspaper from the mailbox and bring it straight into your hands! Thanks to this set, there is nothing difficult in this - just bring the dog to the mailbox and help him press the special pedal with his nose. When the door opens, you need to bring the puppy to a newspaper or letter so that the magnets are as close to the dog's face as possible. A moment - and your puppy is already carrying your correspondence! For a good job, you need to give the dog a treat - in the kit for this a bone, which is hidden in a special compartment, not far from the mailbox!

Play set Pet Parade "Post Office", packaging with a handle. Stickers for some parts of the set.

The puppy moves its paws in a funny way while walking. At the bottom of the toy there are wheels, so that the dog "walks" both forward and backward. Also, the figure moves its head, eyes, tail.

You can attach a special leash to the collar or the dog's face: the leash is simply magnetized, you do not need to attach it. And you can drive the dog by the leash. There is a joystick on the back, with which you can control the head, tail and eyes of the dog, without a leash.

The puppy can interact with accessories. For example, thanks to the built-in magnets, pick up and follow your bone. Dogs also play with balls (from the Animal Show set), carry a newspaper a

Each puppy's collar has a bone tag on which you can write your pet's name! First, we glue a tiny sticker on the tag (it is included in the kit), and sign the name of your dog.

Bulldog muzzle

Several stickers in this set need to be glued to other parts as well: to a letter, a newspaper, and to the compartment lid with a hidden bone.

This set is suitable for playing with any Pet Club Parade dogs, not just the Bulldog included in the kit.

The packaging of the set is beautiful, gift box, with a carrying handle.

How do these dogs move? Watch our YouTube video: www.youtube.com/watch or our Border Collie review article .

Also read about who Pet Club Parade is and what they are (a list of all the dogs in the series).

Storage space for newspapers in the mailbox.

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