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Hasbro Introduces: Play-Doh Builder. Now we can build from Play-Doh!

In 2020, Hasbro introduces the Play-Doh Builder line, with which the Play-Doh brand enters the category of licensed building play kits.

Play-Doh Builder is a new line of creative magna tiles products that lets kids build their own play sets. The new range will be launched globally in the summer / fall of 2020, both with classic building sets and licensed lines.

Under the licensing offer, the series will magnetic tiles include sets based on "SpongeBob SquarePants" from Nickelodeon and "Trolls" from DreamWorks Animation. They will be joined by a classic themed wooden house and ice cream sets. Each set includes a Play-Doh, tools to build a play set, decorations, and plastic play figures.

The Play-Doh Builder concept came magna tiles idea from the understanding that kids want to see their creations come to life . Building in 3D from Play-Doh is tricky, but an assortment of new kits comes with tools that make it possible.

With Play-Doh Builder Kits, kids magnetic tiles can roll their Play-Doh into sheets, then use molds to cut out shapes, which are then nested within each other to create structures. Large buildings come with a plastic frame to support the mass of Play-Doh.

While most of every new playset is Play-Doh, it's still something new. You don't just sculpt, you build !

Prices range from $ 4 to $ 14.99, depending on the bundle.

Hasbro plans to continue expanding this line with new licensing partners and is looking for brands that appeal to children and have instantly recognizable buildings . If there is a structure that is truly synonymous with a character, this is exactly what the team is looking for when developing a new brand line. Like SpongeBob's pineapple house - everyone who has watched at least one episode of the cartoon will immediately recogniz

Play-Doh Builder will expand with new kits and licensing partners in 2021.

Age: 5+.

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