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Hasbro's 22cm Troll: DJ Sounds Review

In this episode, meet 6 variants of Hasbro's trolls based on Dreamworks' The Trolles, larger than the sealed bag trolls. For those who want "more"! 

DJ Suki, a troll figurine from Hasbro.

They are sold in transparent boxes, you can choose your character. True, we ordered via the Internet, marked "in stock", so whoever gets it - here it was a surprise for us too. We got a troll figurine DJ Sounds , which we are very happy about, because this is one of the brightest figures in the collection. (True, on the Internet you can find offers when you can choose a specific troll).

The Troll toy here is about 22.5 cm tall, including plush hair. If the hair is not measured, the size of the figure turns out to be much more modest, only about 15 cm. A fairly compact figure doll, which is convenient to play with.

The set includes a special hairbrush (it is also a loop for creating hairstyles), a sticker, clothes and shoes that can be removed

The figurine is movable , made of high quality durable colored plastic. Outwardly, the figurine has features inherent in fairy trolls: hair sticking up in different colors (DJ's hair is different, they are not fluffy, but rather like yarn), big ears, round eyes, a funny cute and kind face.

From the clothes of this figure- rubber-plastic shoes and a top, a belt with the letters DJ, pants made of shiny fabric, a felt star for decorating a hairstyle, a ponytail decoration. Everything is easy to put on / take off. There are two plastic bracelets on the handle.

Completing the toy (plus two bracelets on the handle).

The figurine stands perfectly by itself, both in shoes and without them.

A great toy for troll lovers !

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