I DIG MONSTERS (I dig monsters) - the new (2020) super cool collection of surprise toys from Moose

These are very unexpected and original toys on the theme of ice cream . You will need to peel off the ice cream to find a collectible toy inside it ( like excavations, but the material is completely different, it feels like wax to the touch ).

The main goal is charming monsters, these are figures resembling yeti.

So, I Dig Monsters is the most beautiful new assortment of shapes inspired by designer toys and the ASMR world *!

* Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) - Autonomous sensory meridian response, ASMR is a neologism that identifies a perceptual phenomenon, characterized by a pleasant tingling sensation in the back of the head, which spreads like goosebumps on the skin of the neck and back to the extremities. Sound, visual, tactile or cognitive stimuli cause ASMR sensations. Actually, unpacking a surprise toy and getting something interesting, pleasant to the touch - this is exactly ASMR.

I DIG MONSTERS Jumbo Popsicle - a giant popsicle ice cream, inside it are nice big soft toys that are so fun to open! Packaging becomes a soft toy, but a surprise awaits you inside. The set contains tools for working with the mass, as well as molds (you will find them inside the mass) that will help to make mini-figures out of the mass, it's like modeling from plasticine. The mass is not as fluid and supple as the slime, this time it is different, and the more interesting it is to try to unpack such a toy.

Monji I DIG MONSTERS Series 1 Complete Collection

The collection of the first season has 28 stylish Monji , in varying degrees of rarity and special surface finishes. Some have removable accessories !

We'll see:

Dip Monji in ice water to see a surprise color change ! And there is a figure that glows in the dark! Release Date - May 2020. I DIG MONSTERS Jumbo Popsicle is 1 large plush toy, 1 spray bottle, 2 tools, 1 Mongee figurine (hidden in a “wax”, special water-based material), 2 forms, 1 collector's manual.

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