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June's Magic Park: Toy Collection

Wonder Park is a 2019 Spanish-American animated feature film. 

A television series based on this cartoon will also debut this year. It will air on Nickelodeon, making it the third animated feature film after The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron the Boy of Genius and Horns and Hooves

One day, dreamer June discovers that the wonderful Amusement Park she invented is real! But his existence is in jeopardy, and June needs a plan to save her Dream. The girl will be helped by her new friends - the magical animals of the Park.

Funrise, Inc., a leading global toy manufacturer, and Paramount have entered into a multi-year partnership where Funrise will act as a global partner for Amusement Park toys. Funrise creates a comprehensive line of interesting products based on the movie, including action figures, play sets, plush toys, RPGs, collectible lines and more. Production began in early 2019,

With the pioneering team at Funrise, all Amusement Park heroes come to life, offering a dynamic and engaging gaming experience for this iconic franchise for years to come.

Attractive Amusement Park characters, exhilarating attractions and limitless imagination are perfect for the wide range of toys that Funrise will develop. 

The Wonder Park line of toys allows kids to play in a magical world filled with brave friends and amazing adventures!


Have a real masquerade with June's Magic Park Playset! 19 colorful, creative accessories to create over 1000 different combinations. 

Dress up a charming monkey (14 cm) in costumes of a bunny, bee, fireman, unicorn, flower, viking, princess, gentleman and others, combine different masks and outfit details, create the most incredible looks!

June Magic Park. Favorite heroes

Six main characters from the fascinating cartoon June Magic Park - in one set! Bright, cheerful figures on stable stands: 5 figures of the main cartoon characters, 10 cm high on stable stands.

Boomer bear, soft toy

Big teddy bear Boomer for a gentle hug! Soft, fluffy friend, he will embrace with his long legs, giving a feeling of serene happiness. It is pleasant to hug, play with him, and sleeping in the arms of a plush reliable friend will certainly take the child to the magical land of fairy-tale adventures.

Plush toy 36 cm high with long hair, soft padding and long legs.

Sets with trailers

Collect the entire collection of adorable monkeys and arrange an incredible ride with your friends! Combine wagons from different sets, seat monkeys in funny outfits in them and roll them on any horizontal surface. 

In the collection you will find blue and pink wagons, as well as 10 funny monkeys (about 2.5 cm high) in different looks: bee, flower, bunny, mermaid, unicorn, princess, firefighter, pirate, lady, gentleman.

The wagons in the collection are designed like roller coaster wagons, with an opening hood, movable wheels and a device for coupling with other wagons from the collection.

Clockwork toys

Collect the entire collection of funny clockwork toys, these are 6 adorable monkeys in the most amazing images: bee, flower, princess, unicorn, bunny, doctor.

The clockwork monkey strides forward, setting in motion with the help of a mechanical key located on the back of the toy.

Ferris wheel and other attractions

June will never be bored at Magic Park! Spin the Ferris wheel and it will glow with different lights! Put Greta and the monkey in it and have fun games. 

The play set includes 3 items: a Ferris wheel with three removable bowls, 2 figurines of Greta the boar (10 cm) and a monkey (10 cm). 

The wheel is set in motion by hand, glows when rotating, the backlight is powered by 3 AG13 batteries (included).

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