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KidKraft: magnetic mosaic kitchen. Childhood dream!

KidKraft presents a true childhood dream: This is an absolutely amazing kids play kitchen! A mosaic role-play magnetic play kitchen where you can cook so many tasty things for your dolls and toys!

This luxury wood kitchen is the perfect size for preschoolers who can now easily prepare any imaginary food of their dreams here. Why not come up with chocolate-drenched spaghetti topped with hazelnuts? This is the territory of childhood - the child will be able to invent and create independently!

The set includes a magnetic refrigerator, freezer, ice compartment, oven, stove, microwave, sink and accessories.

The kitchen has sound effects: you can hear food cooking in the oven, and the knobs click and turn. Magnets can be hung on the refrigerator (to make it look like a real one!), Cabinets and shelves open, and plastic "ice cubes" pop up at the push of a button:

The kit also includes a saucepan, cooking utensils and other parts, you can start playing right away.

The spacious kitchen is not only interesting and functional, but also very beautiful , so as not to hide it in your home, but to display it in the most conspicuous place.

It has a chic country-style wood countertop, white and gray kitchen appliances, and a white and blue mosaic finish that interior designers would give a lot for.

Parents will need to help the kids assemble the kit, but it only takes about an hour to assemble, and the wooden structure is very strong after assembly. Children will be able to cook here for years .

KidKraft - although very expensive, it is very profitable in terms of years of games.

Age: 3+.

Manufacturer: KidKraft

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