Kindi Kids dolls from Moose Toys

Moose Toys presents an interesting novelty on the preschool education market. This is a line of toys for young children called Kindi Kids .

Portfolio diversification will be key to the company's success over the next 12 months, expanding into a new age category.

In addition, Moose Toys is celebrating the anniversary of the global hit Shopkins, as well as launching the first licensed Shopkins mini-packs, Real Littles. Also this year (2019), the company will showcase an expansion of its award-winning Scruff-a-Luvs line (this line will include an electronic version in 2019) and will introduce new additions to the Little Live Pets portfolio of interactive mini-toys.

2018 was a record year for Moose Toys, with more dominant categories, sales and awards than ever before. And 2019 should cement the success.

Moose Toys started this year with nominations for Toy of the Year in five categories for their brands Pikmi Pops, Little Live and others. This year, they continue to diversify their portfolio by showcasing incredible new products in new categories. Creativity is at the core of the company, they work hard to create new concepts and products that will lead the market.

2021 News: The line is expanding with new characters, pets and a miniature version also appear. Read more about new products .

The first 4 heroines of the series:

Each Kindi Kids doll features huge sparkling eyes, colorful hair, interactive accessories, and fun features. Anything that young children will love!

As you probably noticed, these dolls are very reminiscent of the Shopkins line of dolls called Shoppies, only they are more like dolls, they look more durable, suitable for toddler play. And, of course, those eyes! .

Kindi Kids “Snack Time Friends” snack dolls

Colorful and very cute dolls nodding their heads, they have big beautiful eyes with sparkle.

The most interesting feature is that they actually eat the delicious snacks that come with every doll in the kit !

This series features four different dolls (Marsha Mello, Peppa Mint, Jessicake and Donatina), each with its own dessert theme and comes with two exclusive Shopkins snacks for them to eat. Each sweet snack will have a different flavor that looks like magic!

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