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Learn how to play with the new Think and Learn Rocktopus from Fisher-Price

Kids can learn how to make music and count by playing fun games with Think & Learn Rocktopus from Fisher-Price (Mattel), released in 2018. This creative toy is designed for children aged 3 to 6 years old to develop musical and many other skills.magnetic tiles

15 musical instruments, 5 musical styles, 3 ways to play (math, music and games) - all in one toy!jigsaw puzzle

Rocktopus has three game modes: math, music and games. And also lighting effects!

Math Mode teaches kids to count rhythms and create patterns by mixing addition and subtraction into a fun mix.magna tiles

In Music Mode, children will learn how different instruments sound. It's the magic of music , fun facts, mixing and matching your favorite sounds, even the ability to create your own tracks. The toy has 15 different instruments to choose from, including violin, trumpet, maracas, piano. A child can use up to 4 instruments at a time.track

After that, children can speed up or slow down the pace, repeat it, record and play it as many times as they want. Rocktopus plays five different styles of music, including jazz-funk, rock, classical, pop.magna tiles

Game Mode develops listening skills by teaching children to pay attention to details. Playing at a fast pace asks children to change instruments and coordinate colors while testing their musical instrument knowledge.jigsaw puzzle

You can also download the Roctopus app to create your own music videos.

Roctopus can keep busy for a long time with benefit, entertaining, teaching creativity. Maybe this toy will awaken interest and opportunities for a child to become a real rock star in the future? ..

Consider the toy from all sides:

So Rocktopus responds to every musical instrument when children insert the right part. Kids are in complete control of their musical creations by adding or subtracting instruments, controlling the tempo, and adding sound effects! Magic toy! cube

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