LEGO Dots: Decorate and Personalize!

At the moment when you could think that we know everything about Lego, they bring something completely new to the market. This we have not seen, and it is inspiring!

LEGO Dots takes the brand from 3D to 2D, allowing children (and LEGO fans of other ages) to creatively decorate different elements with colors and patterns, special Lego tiles. Now Lego can be assembled on a plane .

LEGO Dots sets are colorful tiles that allow you to decorate and personalize a variety of things, including bracelets and home interiors.

LEGO is part of the arts and crafts sector. In 2020, meet the new: LEGO Dots!

Demonstrating the new brand to the public is House of Dots, a huge installation-house.The installation consists of more than two million LEGO Dots parts and extends over 150 square meters!The construction took about 800 hours and required the efforts of a community of over 200 children and adult LEGO fans who worked under the direction of Camilla Valal.

To mark the launch of Lego Dots, French designer Camille Walala created atoy house the size of a real oneinside a series of shipping containers.The free public art installation includes five rooms that are highly individualized with the bright LEGO DOTS tiles.

The house has all the features of an ordinary house - a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom - in a two-story complex of eight containers.This can be seen at London's Coal Drops Yard.For installation, parts were placed manually on large Lego base plates, which, in turn, were mounted on the surface of various elements of furniture and home decor.

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