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Littlest Pet Shop cruise ship + interesting LPS sets

Have you already collected a bunch of cute Little Pet Shop figures? Needless to say, now you need some pretty place to play with all these figures, right? New for the second half of 2017, the LPS cruise ship is a great set to inspire creative play, as well as storage space for figurines. Where will your dream cruise take you? This set is definitely a fun way to give your pets the best vacation ever!

So it's time for an adventure at sea!

Collect your LPS on the cruise ship: let's go sailing! The turtle captain is at the helm, there are already two passengers on board (a cat and an octopus ). This two-tiered vessel is ready to take on board many heroes!

The platform opens and closes for maximum play space, 8 cool accessories included, the set includes several pet-shop figures (1 classic, 1 mini and 1 teensie), as well as a sticker sheet, assembly instructions.

The world of the small pet store is filled with many different types of animals (dogs, cats, seahorses, even narwhals!). It's fun to play and imagine that each adorable pet has its own unique personality and is ready for fun and adventure. With hundreds of pets, there are many ways to collect a collection (someone collects everything, and someone creates special collections: rare pets, only cats, only dogs, sea pets and much more). The little pet shop welcomes fans, lets you wake up your imagination and create your own pet world.

And when you have a collection - let's see how you can store it beautifully!

The cruise ship is both a collection storage case and the ability to create incredibly interesting pet-shop games!

This ship is designed to accommodate / store 30 different sizes of petshop pet figures (3 petshop figures are already included; others sold separately).

This spacious cruise ship has everything you need for relaxation and adventure. Dance floor, climbing wall, surfing and more! Pets can relax on deck or in their cabins.

Even if you are rather picky about buying large toys, you will love this LPS ship. Large items rarely become truly playable and often just take up space; but not this ship . It is truly made for gaming . In the upper part there is a small slide and a wave pool, surfboards, a place to relax. The cabins, dance floor and other fun places for FSC are well thought out. You can play with the set for several hours in a row, and interest does not fade (especially when friends come!). A truly adorable set that will not let your child get bored! The cruise ship theme is interesting.

The plus for parents is that this vessel is very easy to assemble, the plastic is not flimsy, but durable, decent quality and sturdy construction. Folds down for easy and compact storage. Basically, it is a playhouse, simply shaped like a ship, which allows you to come up with completely new games.

The boat is of very good quality plastic . This is a marked improvement over previous toys from yesteryear in terms of the durability of the toy.

FSC is clearly learning from Shopkins: they included a collector's booklet in the kit. This boat is designated Series One in the collection campaign.

This ship is not really launched into the water, it is not intended for sailing on water: we play on land, on the floor or on a table.

Contains a ship, one full-size figurine (LPS turtle), one medium figurine (cat), one small figurine (octopus). Accessories: deck chair, umbrella, drinks, selfie stick / camera, disco ball, seats, binoculars, dance floor. The boat opens and closes. All items are placed in a closed boat.

The kit requires some minor assembly: you have to snap the mounts and apply stickers (if desired). It will take about five minutes to assemble everything, arrange accessories, no problem.

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