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Lovely Cubes from Deagostini: funny sticky cubes families! Overview

Do you love cubes, squishies, crunchesMagna tilescute pets and sticky toys? Then you will definitely like the new funny collection of toys from DeAgostini - Lovely Cubes (start in Russia - spring 2020), because it has it all!

Open 20 sachets and see what's inside!

Each bag contains two toys at once ,magnetic tiles a booklet, as well as a sheet with stickers, which, if desired, can be used to decorate the toy

Two toys in a bag are two cubes ,magna tiles large and small, and magnetic tiles they look like a mother and a baby. They also have the same names (just a "baby" or "baby" is added to the mini-cube). For example, Cleo & Baby Cleo.magna tiles Just imagine how many games you can think of with them!

And that is not all.

Cubes are unusual! They have a sticky surface,magna tiles and they are a little "rubbery", reminiscent of squishies. They can be glued to each other, collecting the most unimaginable structures (you can even arches!), Crumple magna tiles and squeeze. And, of course, they can be washed, such toys are not afraid of water.

Each cube is not just a cube, but a pet with a funny face! They have names and are very comfortable to play with.

Plus, the collection (which consists of 10 pairs of toys) magnetic tiles has one special pair: it glows in the dark .

They are sticky and stick together!

So, it was not possible to collect the entire collection, but in this case it is not so important, because here the same cubes are used for construction!

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