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PAW Patrol goes prehistoric! For the First Time: Paw Patrol Dinosaur Theme

PAW Patrol goes to the Jurassic World! Paw Magna tiles Patrol World Saving gets even more fun - with the coolest new durable gear, vehicles and of course dinosaurs !

The Dino Rescue theme will be magnetic tiles of idea carefully integrated into the PAW Patrol world, with attention to detail, while remaining true to the storylines and characters, while exploring new landscapes and rescue missions.

New items will go on sale in autumn / winter 2020-2021.

Among the new products is the first ever 100 pcs magnetic tiles motorized vehicle in the PAW Patrol line. And Paw Patrol fans are already falling in love with the new theme .

With the new theme comes a whole new world to play with. New mini dinosaur figures and even mini dinosaurs that are always ready to play magna tiles along with you. The new DINO Rescue plush dino line is specially designed magnetic tiles for everyone who wants to collect their favorite puppies ready for prehistoric adventures.

So the puppies are ready for action-packed manga tiles prehistoric rescue missions in a lost world full of dinosaurs! Let's see what toys are waiting for us.

Dino Patroller. Dino Rescue Deluxe Vehicle

The Dino Patroller is the PAW Patrol Team's magna tiles Metropolis first ever motorized vehicle! Inside there is room for all six puppies, this is a car with oversized wheels, a projectile launcher and exclusive Chase and T-Rex figures.

With its oversized wheels, the Dino Patroller is magnetic tiles Metropolis capable of conquering any terrain!

Dino Rescue Deluxe Vehicle helps you prepare for epic rescue missions. Press the button of the car icon and watch how it moves!

When you play out your dinosaur rescue adventure, click on the tail, the mouth will open and you will find the PAW Patrol T. rex in trouble! Let's save him!

Create your own prehistoric missions over and over.

PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Dino Volcano

The new PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Dino Volcano playset allows kids to play out their own exciting dinosaur rescue stories.

This prehistoric set includes an exclusive magna tiles of idea collectible figure of Marshall, the Velociraptor scale dinosaur with moving parts and the enigmatic dino mini.

When the raptor is in danger at the top of the volcano, and the mini-dino is trapped in a palm tree, Marshall is ready to help them. Press the button on the playground to activate the volcano - lava shoots upward, rocks open magna tiles metropolis left and right! Marshall can climb the stairs and save the raptor, and then the figures can go down the zipline. And now you need to save your mini-friend. Place Marshall magna tiles and the Launcher in front of the palm tree, aim and fire projectiles to extinguish the flames!

Stuffed Toys

Dino Basic Plush collection.


Dino Mini Figures puppies and dinosaurs minifigures.

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