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Peppa Pig and her magic parade - let's play with a magic wand!

Peppa's magical parade

Let's ride, swing, spin and have fun with Peppa and George


Peppa Pig is known for her optimistic thinking and positive outlook on life. She is never discouraged and knows how to inspire children and adults to love her family, friends and the power of her imagination. Toys with her participation are always just wonderful!

Jazwares' Peppa Pig's Magical Parade Playset is a great way to teach kids the joy of being with their friends and family, and bring Peppa's magic into your home - hours of happy, fun play!

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of this set is its colorfulness and splendor . He's very festive! The color palette uses vibrant hues of blues, reds, yellows, greens and purples - akin to the Peppa Pig television cartoon. All this brings positivity to life and makes us happy: just look at the set and you can feel the mood is already rising! A magic wand with Peppa's face, surrounded by musical notes, also adds fun to the festive parade


But what happens when you turn on the parade train sets it apart from other Peppa Pig toys. The magic wand allows kids to lead the parade without any wires! With a simple push of a button on the handle of the wand, the parade train comes alive as if by magic. Different movements of the wand (wobble, rotation, swing, etc.) affect the parade - this is something incredible!

Peppa and her friends follow the magic wand and the music illuminates their journey. The train easily follows the directions of the stick (although it is important to note that the train works best when its path is smooth and even, although it will also travel on the carpet). The wand has a range of about one and a half meters (slightly less), so don't go too far.

The train can also be pushed by hand, without the aid of a stick, like a regular toy on wheels.

The included Peppa and George figures can be fun in different ways. There is a bright blue steam train with smoke, a spring-themed swing for Peppa and her friends to swing and relax on, a spinning unicorn with an umbrella to protect Peppa from the sun, and a swinging dinosaur. This is a whole train of attractions! Each of them is decorated with colorful stickers that exude love and positivity of Peppa and her friends.

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