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Quilling made easy with the Paper Swirl Station

Create your own quirky artwork with the Paper Swirl Station by Alex Brands, a quilling machine.

The hardest part of quilling (the art of rolling paper strips into decorative shapes) is the time it takes to roll the paper strips tightly by hand, because only then can you start creating projects. This creative station makes the process a lot easier because you get perfectly rolled paper spools in no time at the touch of a button.

The kit includes all the materials to help you get started creating unique artwork: the station itself, a strip board, glue, tweezers, molds and self-adhesive paper strips (200 pieces 7 mm wide), as well as white cards and envelopes. Then you can add more strips to the set and continue working.

First, put the batteries in the station, then insert the end of the pre-cut paper strip into the silver slot on the machine. To feed the ribbon, use the blue paper holder to hold the ribbon in place by pulling the paper through the slot. Then press the blue ALEX button, and voila! The reel is wound tightly in just a few seconds and is ready to add charm to any of your creation!

This saves a lot of time, which means you can devote more time to the most interesting: assembling the creation with your own hands, and not preparing materials. The sticky adhesive on the supplied strips also makes them easier to handle. Press the button again to add the ribbon to the spool and watch the vortex station rotate and create an even larger spool.

It can be a little difficult to remove the finished spool because it is dense, but the paper holder helps you. Once the coil is out of the station, squeeze it into the desired shape and use glue to secure it in place. But, we must remember, quilling is in any case a very difficult art. Although the kit is recommended for children ages 8 and older, even older children are likely to need help to cope with projects and get a decent result.

There is everything to create 13 projects here . The instruction manual provides clear instructions for projects of varying difficulty levels. Each project shows the number of strips, spools and shapes required to complete each step.

Designs include flower, earrings, necklace, butterfly, cupcake, beautiful designs for a frame, rabbit, cactus, dog and girl. Everything you need for each project is included in the kit.

In addition to flat designs, you can also make 3D shapes by wrapping prepared strips around shapes.

Display your finished projects on the included easel frames to showcase your most beautiful works of art in the most advantageous way.

The instrument requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Set box packing:

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