Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Cat: Fun Toys!

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty ("Rainbow-Butterfly-Unicorn Cat") is a super-positive animation that will make both children and adults smile!

We are waiting for her in the spring of 2020 to have some fun!

The main character, kitty Felicity, can transform into a rainbow, a butterfly and a unicorn! Each of the reincarnations allows her to overcome difficulties and deal with difficulties encroaching on the magical world of her town Miflandia.

Her friend Miguel supports and helps Felicity in her hard feline affairs.

The assortment of Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kity toys reflects the main idea of ​​the animated series and completely repeats the main characters and their incarnations.

This line offers many very beautiful and original toys !

Game set "9 amazing surprises."

With this game kit you will get a lot of pleasure from unpacking. To open the toy, simply unscrew the lid, and the cat's canned jar will turn into a multi-level mini-set. In each game set you will find 9 surprises, which include: 2 collectible mini-figures, 6 charming collectible accessories, as well as a set of decorative stickers. Combining more than 55 items, you can create, stylize and adapt for each mini-set.

(5 variations of game sets in the collection, each sold separately and items may vary).

Patented design. For children aged 4+.

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