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SpongeBob StretchPants: He has stretchy arms and legs!

This unusual SpongeBob StretchPants from Alpha Group is a fun way to play with everyone's favorite, the unforgettable underwater chef Krusty Krab. Since the Spongebob StretchPants have flexible arms and legs , unlike most figures, we get a new way to play by stretching the Sponge more than 60cm!

But the ability to stretch isn't everything!

It's also an interactive talking toy!

SpongeBob StretchPants can activate over 30 sounds and phrases during play, many of which children will easily recognize because they are from the Nickelodeon cartoon. Reach out on SpongeBob's elastic arms and hear the expression of his unbridled optimism . Some phrases: Is that all you got, I'm a sponge, not a rubber band, Oh boy, that tickles, Whoa, stretch farther, Spongecercize, and Okay, that was too far, These pants sure are reliable! And, of course, SpongeBob's catchphrase: I'm ready! (I'm ready!).

No matter what, he is always ready! If you don't cook, then sit in the pineapple house with Gary the snail, catch jellyfish with Patrick, or piss off Squidward's neighbor!

Hold your leg, arm, pull, put on a comic show with your favorite hero. The more you pull, the more fun SpongeBob you get.

Play with your friends - grab and pull, listen to what he has to say!

This toy is specially designed to be pulled, so fear not!

A funny, slightly silly toy to fool around with!

SpongeBob SquarePants is incurably optimistic, innocent, serious, he always acts with the best of intentions! He loves his job and has never passed a driving test. It's always fun with him!

Product dimensions: Height: 17.78 cm Width: 26.67 cm Depth: 8.89 cm

Age: 4+.

Requires 2 AA batteries to operate.

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