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Sylvanian Families becomes fastest-selling elephant family in 20 years

Te Sylvanian Families Ellwoods is the fastest selling elephant line in 20 years. If you are not very familiar with this line of toys, remember: Sylvanian Families represent an anthropomorphic line of toys in the magnetic tiles form of families of different animal species, from rabbits to hedgehogs and otters.

Overall, 2019 has been a successful year for Sylvanian Families. New families in the lineup have been well received by fans, including magna tiles the new elephant family , which has become a huge hit among the lineup.

There are three figures in this family: dad, mom and baby elephant.

Epoch, the toy maker, made a statement magna tiles highlighting the firm place the new elephant family has taken in the product range, citing that the Ellwoods Elephant Family already has retail sales nearly as strong as the Chocolate Rabbit Family, the best-selling family. brand (the record set to date is chocolate bunnies).

The new elephant family is hugely popular magnetic tiles with fans of the Sylvanian families on social media.

The characters in this family are cute, and they are not only popular with consumers, but have shown a very high level of response. This took retail partners by surprise and the company is now struggling to meet global demand.

About the family

Their names are Mitchell Ellwoods, Rianne Ellwoods and Hilton Ellwoods.

Father Mitchell Ellwood loves to sleep. When he is awake, Mitchell loves to grow his own strawberries.

Rihanna Ellwood's mother is always hungry. She is very magna tiles of idea active and always does exercise that makes her appetite good!

Little Hilton Ellwood says, "Try everything, go everywhere!" He is a real adventurer and always wants to do whatever his parents do. Hilton also loves to play, he is a very active little kid. He goes everywhere after his mother, Rihanna.

The SKU is [SF] Ellwoods Elephant Family 5376.

There is one more family of elephants in the collection , manga tiles it came out earlier. In the Sylvanian Families line they are represented under the surname Trunk , but in the Calico Critters version (for the USA) they also carry the surname Ellwoods, although the family looks different! And the names of the magnetic tiles representatives of the family (see below) are completely different, not like those of the new Ellwoods family.

In this family of elephants there is not only a family, but also separate sets with babies.

Full family composition:

  • Hugo Trunk - Father

  • Savannah Trunk - Mother

  • Ivor Trunk - Son

  • Nellie Trunk - Daughter

  • Jumbo Trunk - Baby Boy

  • Peanut Trunk - Baby Boy, Nana's Twin

  • Nana Trunk - Baby Girl Pianata's Twin

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