Sylvanian Families. Play set "House-tree and car" (action)

Sylvanian Families, Tree house and car as a gift when buying a house (promotion). Promotion from April 2015, valid until the end of bonuses.

The set includes a house, tree, stairs, railings, swing, slide.

Sylvanian Families. A tree house and a family car as a gift.

The car comes as a gift (along with the additions that come with it - little things for a picnic).

The tree house joins the country cottage.

This house can be assembled in different ways: put a house with a roof on a tree or separately, and organize a platform for Sylvanian figures on the tree. see the description for more details and the photo below.

This cottage joins the Silvanian Country Cottage.

These kits are familiar to everyone. Sylvanian Families are some of the favorite toys for kids and adults alike.

Houses, cars and furniture from Sylvanian are also suitable for other toys and small figures (up to 10 cm high).

Also, this house is on sale separately, without a gift. For a price without a gift, a house is cheaper, but a red car is a relatively expensive set, it is more profitable to buy a set with a house. He also has a separate family car.

The Tree House game set was created for fans of the inhabitants of the wonderful land of Sylvanian Families. Using the elements of the set, you can create an entertaining tree house with various entertainments for your favorite Sylvanian Families heroes, where kids can play, relax, ride on a swing and slide, drink tea.

With this set alone (plus figures), you can already organize a whole small world, cozy and kind.

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