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The magic of Hogwarts. Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Figures Set

Dive headlong into the magic of Hogwarts, into the world of Harry Potter! Jakks Pacific's New 2019 Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Action Figure Set lets you act out your stories in this magical world!

This is a folding lock that can be folded out during the game, and then assembled compactly:

Dumbledore's followers will be able to recreate their stories based on the adventures of Harry Potter here. Organize Hogwarts the way you want!

This set is collectible and includes minifigures measuring just 1.5 inches (about 4 cm): Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Albus Dumbledore, as well as a goblet and an owl figurine. Here are all the figures in the set:

The kit is already in itself, on its own - just super, what more could you want? But there's something else here - lights !

Press the button to illuminate the set in six unique patterns. And with the Jakks Pacific Wizard Training Wand (sold separately), you can make the lights turn on and off like magic. For example, if you cast the Incendio spell, you can light the floating candles in the large hall, and the Ventus spell can turn them off. (The kit is powered by three button-type batteries, which are already included in the kit).

But the lights are not the only interactive functions here, there are actually five interactive functions ! You can replay the banquet scene and make the food disappear after the meal! Or make a snake appear on the table.

And figurines can try on the Sorting Hat and find out which House they belong to!

The set is ideal for collectors and kids alike. Place it on the table or in the nursery.

A fantastic set for the whole family!

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