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Tiny Love. The most adorable pendant toysUnique design, rustling elements, vibrating cord (shaking

Unique design, rustling elements, vibrating cord (shaking effect), a magnetic tiles rattle with a pleasant sound, many different textures, teether, grabber, breeze sound, universal clip-clip for attaching anywhere and everywhere and a rather large size - can you dream of anything else ?()

These toys provide the baby with pleasant sounds, help to calm the baby. Soft textures and soft-touch fabrics encourage tactile stimulation. Light ring grip helps your baby to develop motor skills. You can attach a toy anywhere : on a crib, magnetic tiles in a car, in a chaise lounge, stroller, cradle. Thus, the familiar toy accompanies the baby on all travels, provides a sense of continuity.

Suitable from birth up to approx. 12 months.

All toys of the line are created in a cheerful and attractive design, bright and contrasting colors, different fabrics and textures are used.magnetic tiles Details are embroidered, everything is safe here even for the smalles

During the first three months of development, the toy stimulates the baby's vision, and from about three months old, babies will begin to practice hand-eye coordination when trying to touch the toy. Your little one will gradually learn to control their hands and deliberately grab the toy, making it sway and make pleasant sounds. This fun effect encourages toddlers to try to reach the toy again and again.

Children explore the world around them, and each discovery is a unique moment, a moment of surprise . Each tiny toy is designed with these developmental wonders in mind.

Features of some toys in the collection (choose from the Tiny Love catalog):

0-2 months

From birth, a child needs visual stimulation to learn to focus his gaze. Show the toy to your baby by holding it about 25 cm from your face.

2-4 months

The child will try to reach out to his new tiny friend, especially after he finds interesting sounds. Develop this by placing the toy within the child's reach.

4-6 months

Soon enough, the instinctive grasping reflex will disappear. As hand control improves, the child will learn to hold the toy on his own and will be able to make sounds from it himself. The toy encourages the kid to reach out and use their magna tiles fingers in several ways. These actions stimulate the development of fine motor skills. A well-defined face, vibrant colors and playful textures help your little one develop their senses.

Do not forget: there is a teether here, so the toy will be useful for the baby even after he has mastered the work with a rattle and a vibration cord.

In general, these are good, cute and cute toys suitable for newborns: from 0 months . This means that this is one of those rare toys that are really suitable for a newborn.

The biggest plus is that there are many interesting shapes and color contrasts on the toy that will visually stimulate the child.

Some children on the road like to follow the movement of children's toys and play with toys; others ignore toys and are much more interested in observing clouds, trees, vehicles, and people. However, toys, just in case, should be with you even for such a child, because you can get tired of external observation, and the toy calms you down. This is a great gift for those with small children, including a suitable one for the birth of a baby.

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