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"Trolls". The magic troll tree: we look at it in detail

Welcome to the world of DreamWorks trolls, where the song will always cheer you up and your true colors always shine! The city of trolls is bright and cheerful, but our friends must be careful not to be captured by the Bergens - in Bergen they are considered a rare and tasty snack that brings happiness!

Toys based on the DreamWorks animated movie allow kids to express their true colors through a variety of play patterns. It's all about bold colors, hilarious songs, funky fashion and wild hair - definitely hair!

This play set is one of the more interesting in the series because this is what we all dream of - a tree house! Moreover, it is one of the largest!

The height of the tree is over 40 cm! The set also includes a 5-inch DreamWorks Rose figurine. There are nooks and crannies to hide, and a wonderful slide (a hollow section in the trunk of a tree), as well as a zipline (a string for quickly descending). Changeable modules for customizing the tree, a seating area inside the main module, and much, much more interesting!

The toy needs to be assembled, but it is so simple that kids can do it entirely on their own. And, nicely, no batteries are required, the toy does not make any noise.

Throw a party in one of the pods, or play hide and seek in the fun tree hideouts. Play with a large number of troll figurines ( they all fit here, you just need to buy them separately! ) And place additional play sets of the troll world next to it for even more joy. 

Customize the look of the tree your way by outweighing the pods. The set includes 4 different hanging pods, including one with a seating area for 5 '' DreamWorks trolls (measured with hair).

Known for their crazy, colorful magical hair, DreamWorks trolls are the happiest, most joyous creatures to ever burst into our lives. Playing with them is a holiday in itself! In the film, their endless celebration of music, rainbows and cupcakes changes forever as their leader, Rose, embarks on a rescue mission that takes her far beyond the only world she has ever known. Of course, friends cannot let her go alone! While playing, expand your world and you !

Reviews about the disadvantages and advantages of the set

uality, but the tree for some reason constantly leans back, so my daughter always has to lean it against the wall or sofa while playing. Nothing fancy, but annoying. Also, I wish the kit had some extra branches to hang some of the pods sold separately. However, then, I'm afraid, stability will suffer even more.

My children, who are simply obsessed with trolls, unfortunately prefer to use the Barbie house to play with trolls. I think there are too many moving parts here. Trolls can get stuck in the hollow part of the tree. The pod that opens up falls apart quite often, which is a little annoying. The zipline is a cute and fun feature, but the bottom and top don't seem to fit together well.

I love the idea, an amazing set. But there are minor drawbacks. They could be ignored if the children liked this set and they played it. Children who come to visit always go to this toy first. So the set definitely grabs attention. Unfortunately, it just doesn't hold it for long.

Quite sturdy construction. But it's better to immediately buy a whole set of trolls so that you have something to play with, since the set comes with only one Rosette figurine.

There are many pods in various colors. You can buy trolls and put them on small pegs around the tree. Cute set. Although it can be easily knocked over, it is not very stable.

The plastic pieces of "green grass hills" do not stay latched in the base, and the "door" of the large, lockable pod falls off when opened. In addition, the light weight makes the tree a little unstable, especially if you hang all the pods (you can also hang separately purchased pods). The base needed to be made wider to better stabilize the toy. Children like the set, you can play with it, but its instability is a little frustrating.

Age 4+.

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