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Troys wooden toys: our toys to be proud of!

Troys are toys made of natural wood made in Russia (Vladivostok), but what toys ! Beautiful, high-quality, interesting and useful - there is everything that I would like to get from a toy. Wonderful unique educational toys made from environmentally friendly materials - they are so interesting also because they simply have no analogues in our market.

To create Troys toys, wood goes through a three-stage processing system, and non-toxic paints are used for dyeing. Quality raw materials and processing are a guarantee of high quality and durability.

TROYS - from the English. True Toys - "live / real toys".

Each Troiz toy is tested in laboratories of the Russian Federation to confirm the safety and quality of products. These toys are easy to obtain ; and all instructions in them are, of course, in Russian.

In the catalog you will find bodyboards, sets of dishes, sets of vegetables and fruits, a set for playing doctor, and more. And everything is made of pure wood !

These are not the cheapest toys, but the prices are still significantly lower than those of foreign toys of similar quality.

Some examples of toys of this brand:

Joiner's table (44 parts). A huge set of tools, complete with a comfortable table, will allow your baby to gain new sensations and skills. There are holes in the surface of the table into which you can conveniently attach tools.

Touch Lotto helps your little one learn colors, shapes, counts and textures. Size: 30.5x14 cm.Cylinder size (there are 10 of them here): 4 cm.

A set of vegetables and fruits, 33 elements. All elements are held together by magnets and Velcro. Everything is so realistic! Storage box included.

The doctor's set (26 elements) contains everything you need to make your child feel like a real doctor, even a sick leave, in which you can make your own notes, and a suitcase, where all the elements of the set fit.

The tea set (54 parts) contains so many different treats! They can be divided into pieces, and after the game, each treat is fastened back with magnets and awaits guests again! There is also cutlery.

Magnificent wooden tableware set (36 pieces). All the familiar cutlery is here, and what wonderful bright colors!

Business board Crocodile (there are 6 games / toys on it), there is a wall mount. Size: 61.5x31.5 cm.

Busyboard walker-wheelchair. It will help the baby learn to take his first steps and at the same time develop fine motor skills, thinking and imagination.

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