We bring up pets! Elena of Avalor Sets

Nurturing is a series of packs that you can use to train your Disney pets. These are toys based on the story of Elena from Avalor.

Mingo, Zoom and Estrella are three babies (similar to jaguars) that appear in the animated series Disney Elena of Avalor.

These babies are the children of Mig and Dulce.They are rather stubborn: as soon as they hatched, they immediately learned to talk and fly - much faster than other cubs.

They eat only anoki berries (or food with anoki berries), they become very irritable when hungry. Therefore, do not forget to feed your pet in time, for this set there is everything you need:

All three have different characters. You will like to love and raise pets that hide in magic eggs, as well as take care of them. The baby knows how to sleep comfortably in an egg (you will hear him sniff!), Hatch, eat (you can feed him) and talk!

Estrella, Zoom and Mingo are waiting for you! Each pet has an egg of its own specific color. And the figures are voiced ! Click on the baby’s nose and he will speak!

Purple Mingo is the eldest of the three, but he is also the most naive of the three babies, behaving relatively well (he inherited fur, like his mother, has blue eyes, a pink nose and dark spots).The pink baby Estrella is the most energetic, is the middle child (hatched after Mingo and before Zuma), her eyes are brown in color, like her mother.Zoom: baby blue, the most resourceful, the youngest, he has bronze eyes and yellow feathers.

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