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Yourbox2 Cardboard Toy House: Developing Creative Thinking

The Yourbox2 cardboard toy is an eco-friendly play solution for young children, a customizable way to develop their imaginations at home or away. And it costs practically nothing.

A cardboard house is a kind of suitcase that can be used to store toys, for example, while traveling. It can open, revealing several areas for playing with figurines (any toys that you have on hand or that you also make from scrap materials).

The empty construction is designed to help stimulate the child's imagination by encouraging them to independently think up a script for their action figures.

Also, the house can be painted using pencils or other goods for creativity, you can glue it over with colored paper, draw the interior.

Anything, because, in fact, it's just a cardboard box !

Surely many of us made doll houses, garages for cars, stables, farms, and so on from boxes. It's just that in this case we are offered a ready-made solution that can be conveniently folded.

Yourbox2 is your cardboard house- themed "box" with an eco-friendly design with a paper structure that can be easily recycled after use. This simple thing inspires children to play endlessly, because this is completely their house , which they will design on their own.

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